Adding Videos to Your Website

Posted on Jun 19 2014 - 9:43pm by Technorotic Team


If you are thinking of launching a new website, ecommerce consultants will tell you that you need to know that videos are almost necessary for you to have success with the site. They draw in new viewers, they hold people’s attention, and they allow you to give people a lot of information about your goods and services very quickly. While there are many other things that need to be added to the site to make it work – text that includes relevant keywords, for example – no site is complete until you have explored different ways to add videos.

The first option is simply to upload the video onto the hosting server. You can then embed them in your content, and they run off of your own servers. This does take up a lot of space – one video file may be larger than all of your text files combined – but many hosting servers will allow you plenty of space for at least a few videos. You can always expand the space that you have if you find the videos to be helpful and you want to add new ones. The benefit of doing it this way is that you are not relying on anyone else’s site or server to keep your own content going.

The alternative, which does rely on other resources, is to use videos that are hosted elsewhere. For example, you may upload the videos that you have created on a popular video sharing site, and you can then get the code to embed them from there. The video shows up on your main site, but it is really just a link to that hosting site. This saves you the trouble of having to use up all of that space on your own. Of course, if the external site goes down, it can create problems for you that you cannot solve; you just have to wait for the site to come back up. With most video sharing sites, though, you will find that they are robust enough for your needs.

One great benefit of doing things this way is that it allows you to network and link everything together. This can help grow your site’s popularity. People are more likely to find the video on a sharing site that gets millions of visitors a day, even if your main site only gets a handful, and you can then use links to draw traffic to your site.

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