Apple iMac 2 Review – New Generation System

Posted on Jul 9 2013 - 12:06pm by Technorotic Team
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Apple imac review


The look of the first iMac was a huge surprise to the computer business. It revived Apple Company and showed to the other companies that computers should not be the boring boxes. The new trend is really uncomplicated, took merely few minutes from box to the innovative productivity.

Features of iMac2

It is power-driven by 800MHz PC G4 processor. It is offered with a 700MHz processor also, memory is of 128Mb and a 40GB hard disk. Its Graphics are abounding by a 2MX processor attached with the 32 Mb of DDR memories.

iMac 2 are the choice for film editors and designers and all of those who may like a bigger screen.

In addition to the chrome Apple logo, the only apparent feature at the front of the iMac 2 is its optical drive. However, though it is the only way of detachable storage, it’s a Super drive CD-RW.

At the back of the iPad lies all the important sockets, and two Fire Wire as well, one is the Ethernet and other are the three USB ports. This is the area where we can find the power button also.


When we see its usability the iMAC 2 OS X has a reason and straightforwardness that quickly becomes its second nature. The focal point is on its ease of access.


The desktop and the menu design are insightful, with active and necessary apps that appear on the task slab that can be positioned at the border of the screen.


Listening to the music could be easier while sharing its features as with Windows Media Player. To convert the tracks to MP3 would require double click of the mouse. The same procedure could be used for iMovie and Movie Maker; both options are for the drop and drag method for the video editing.

In addition to the multimedia package. 6 apple works handle all the other productivity.  , That is the office creation could be compared with Microsoft mechanism.

iMac 2 is completely helpful, enables all the customary functions that any customer would expect.


Apple has done a great job for creating the multimedia desktop functions: the Apple iMac is best system that provides the exceptional screen display, strong processor and energy-saving features

The Apple iMac 2 is the computer, which have a stunning display features. This multimedia iMac 2 gives a 27-inch display screens with high HD resolution. It features backlighting of LED as well, that increases the designs and images and gives the ideal viewing. The Apple IMAC 2 is quite packed in if you think that all the hardware is at the back the screen.

iMac 2 Processor

The Apple IMAC 2 that is 21.5 inches features the Intel Core processor i5. This advanced processor helps the applications run efficiently and without facing any difficulties. This processor features the fast speed of 2.5 GHz. One of the most prominent features on this multimedia computer is its OS X Lion operating system. Its operating system offers many features like Photo Booth, photo booth etc. It is a user-friendly system that helps the users to navigate easily and move all the applications without facing any difficulties.

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