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Posted on Jun 14 2015 - 12:57pm by Technorotic Team

The invasion of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is what makes people enjoy the craze of picture taking and video capturing. Built-in cameras are a default feature in every smartphone phone today that is why taking pictures is every user’s favorite hobby. What makes taking photos more fun is the technology of customizing them according to what we feel and want. This is also what makes viewers amused and entertained.
While you can take high-definition pictures using your iPhone, you can download apps that can make these pictures interesting and attention-grabbing. Here are some apps that will make you edit, enhance or improve photos that can be viewed by your friends on your favorite social networking site:

Photoshop Express

This is a free app that can be downloaded in both iPhone and iPad. The latest version of the Photoshop Express goes with a Camera Pack that enables noise reduction when taking photos. It also comes with a self-timer which is a helpful tool when taking group pictures. If you want to preview images before shooting a new one, the Photoshop makes you achieve this through the Auto Review feature. Over-all, Photoshop Express is a great add-on to your photo editing apps.
Best Camera
The Best Camera app has one main objective and that is to customize images quickly and instantly share them with your friends. In here, you choose from an array of effects that will make your photos look more pleasant or funny. Every picture you edited can be easily posted on Flickr, Twitter or Facebook. If you are fan of social media, then this app is a must-have.

SnappyCam Pro

SnappyCam Pro is an iPhone app that allows you to take multiple pictures at one time. This is made possible through the high speed camera feature which makes you capture a burst of photos. From these photos you can choose which photo is the perfect shot. Since the app is superfast, you can capture as plenty as 60 photos in one second. Upon browsing these photos, you can delete those which you think are not of good quality and save those that you like best.


One fun way of customizing your photos is making them look distorted. The Photochop is an app that allows you to mock on your photos making your viewers amused and tickled. Go crazy with this app and create funny pictures that will keep your friends entertained. The photo editor tool allows you to transform human pictures to alien-like figures. This is also one way of throwing a guessing-game to your friends as they have to determine whose photo is being mocked. Use this app with responsibility and not as an instrument of teasing or offending others. Perhaps, you can only use this app to the closest friends who can get along with the mockery.

Path On

Path On is an app that allows you to create funky text on your photos. This app is called Path On because a space is provided for you to write on text that is related to your photo. The best thing about this app is that you can customize the font of your text making it aligned with the photo you want to share. Path On stands out as a unique app because of its adding-text-to-photos feature. If you are fond of putting captions, headers or subtitles on your photos, then Path On is a must-have.
Photos are meant to last a lifetime. The photos you take today will be history in the future. Hence, take photos and put more life in them by using these fun and exciting photo editor apps.

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