Futuristic Mobile Phone Trends

Posted on Jan 1 2014 - 5:13pm by Technorotic Team

The mobile phone industry is the fastest growing in the entire world. A few years back, mobile devices had basic features. They would be used for calling as well as sending text messages. The only good game was that of snakes. The passage of time has enabled technology to ensure the rapid development of mobile phones which have now added features and applications. Different types of phones now offer functions like GPS, video conferencing, and social media accessibility. This has created a revolution which will be likely to increase the appeal of cell phones in the future.


Then next ten years will create new concepts with respect to handsets. The new generation of handsets will be equipped with new levels of innovation and creativity. They will offer considerable levels of flexibility, reliability, and scalability. This article will share some of the emerging trends in the mobile phone industry:

Flexible and Folding Phone: Kyocera

Kyocera’s folding phone concept seeks to use a flexible OLED screen that can help to alter the phone from a clamshell to a wallet.


Multimedia Concept Phone

Jakub Lekes has introduced the concept of multimedia phone which is designed to have many applications. The display has a concealed QWERTY keyboard which is a sliding touch screen. It has a camera that offers digital zoom support. The running track is shown on the side of the phone which is an innovative concept.






LG Traveler Concept Phone

This phone has been designed to offer superior gripping ability to the user while enhancing the entire experience. It has rubber grips for this process which helps to achieve flexibility. The handset has a thin slider that uses a physical button keypad. A touch screen on board is also present for innovation and creativity.

LG Traveler Concept Phone

The Kambala Ear-Phone

This innovative concept makes the mobile phone into an earphone. It is designed for optimum use while offering flexibility and reliability. It uses a multilayered polymer which has all the electronic components. The flexi-screen uses sensors that seek to achieve high levels of efficiency and effectiveness. Furthermore, the image can be broadcasted into the internal of the phone. This makes it an interesting and innovative product.


LG Flutter Concept Phone

The LG Flutter is a phone which can be used in a future movie. It operates like a fan while it has OLED touch screen.



This is an Android device which has machined brass to provide strength. It has innovative features and applications like stereo speakers. It has a kickstand while it has a built-in UB light which can destroy germs on the surface of the phone. This is a phone that integrates new features designed to offer comfort and excellence.


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