Get Connected with a Master’s Degree in Social Media

Posted on Oct 4 2013 - 5:34am by Technorotic Team

If you’re aiming to improve your chances of being hired in the high tech field, an invaluable resource these days is knowing how to work within the social media context. So many people these days base their consumer decisions on their online experiences with a brand, which has a lot to do with the way that brand interacts with its customers online on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media venues. A little bit of effort can make a huge difference in the world of social media. A lot of effort in the right way can catch fire in these days of internet, making an enormous impact.

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For instance, consider the Old Spice YouTube commercial campaigns. An actor spokesman spoke individually to different responders by video, with witty remarks and observations. It happened over the course of hours and spread across the internet quickly, with Old Spice trending on multiple sites. This relatively low-cost campaign demonstrated exceptional success due to managing social media well. Consumers were impressed, entertained and willingly watched a number of the videos, each an ad for the Old Spice brand.

When the internet is used with skill, businesses see positive results. A few changes in social media strategy can cause a leap in their brand recognition. Long-term, this often translates to better sales numbers. Businesses need to keep this powerful resource in mind when hiring, and look to find employees with professional and educational backgrounds in social media specifically.

Because the business side of social media is always changing, it’s valuable to your career to expand your knowledge base with a social media degree. It can make your resume stand out from the crowd, because you’ll have studied specifically the type of marketing for which many companies require assistance. It is a newer field, so only a limited amount of applicants have strong backgrounds in social media.

A degree can be earned at a traditional campus or even at an online university, which can even be a plus in this sphere, since your concentration is to do with online communication. A digital media degree from a place like the University of Florida or other universities with internet academic programs is a powerful asset professionally. You can earn undergraduate or even graduate degrees all without leaving your home. You’d save money on the commute and earn more money once you complete your degree in this highly sought-after field

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