How To Activate 3G On Your Phone

Posted on Jul 7 2014 - 7:02pm by hira

Are you looking around to know that how to activate 3G on your phone?  Well we all know that finally 3G has been introduced in Pakistan. All the mobile companies are coming ahead with their 3G services at the cheapest rates. Through this service you will be able to watch movies, carry out social networking and even download as many films as well. Now there are many people who want to know that how to activate 3G on your phone.

How To Activate 3G On Your Phone


How To Get Confirmation of 3G on Phone:

You can confirm that whether the phone has 3G or not all the way through the phone specifications. You can even get more details from the phone manual as well such as HSPDA is for 3G and LTE is for 4G.

How to Activate 3G on Android Phone?

                               If you want to activate the 3G on the android then you should be following the above mentioned steps:

  1. 1.      Click on settings.
  2. 2.      Now tap on the option of more networks.
  3. 3.      Now click on mobile networks option.
  4. 4.      Now tap on the network mode and select the option “WCDMA” only.
  5. 5.      As you will going to get activated with 3G services you will going to see the phonenetwork type is HSPA.

How to Activate 3G on IOS Phone?

  1. 1.      For the IOS phone you should tap the settings and then select the general settings.
  2. 2.      Now as you will going to select the general settings tap on the mobile data.
  3. 3.      Now you have to turn mobile data on.
  4. 4.      Now in the end you have to tap on the option “Enable 3G”.

Well getting activate with the 3G service is not at all complicated tasks at all but you just have to follow up with some simple and easy activation steps. In just few minutes or we would say in just few seconds you will be able to take fun from the fastest and yet exciting 3G services. For the readers we would like to mention that each single mobile company is offering out with their own rates and charges for the activation services of the 3G or 4G services.

So if you are using Android or IOS mobile phones then don’t forget to follow the above mentioned steps. They are simple and effortless. Activate it now!

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