How to Convert Your Videos to WMV Format

Posted on Apr 24 2015 - 10:06am by Technorotic Team

The WMV format was popular for a time. A few years ago it was the primary format as it is the default video format for Windows. Creating videos in Movie Maker for instance, creates the end file in the WMV format. One major issue was the lack of compression with WMV files. A high quality movie will be in excess of several gigabytes of space. After compressed formats were made available, WMV slowly lost its charm but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its uses. There are still a number of players and video editing tools that support WMV files. The uncompressed format makes it ideal in certain occasions.

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There are several video converters online but only few of them support efficient conversion to WMV format considering the fact that it is now almost obsolete with file types such as MP4. Nevertheless, with some searching, we found that Movavi video converter is an ideal option to convert to WMV effectively.

Using Movavi is quite simple, you do not need any additional utilities or addons, the software works out of box and supports conversion of any format. You can use Movavi to convert anything from FLV to AVI into a WMV file. Let’s run through the steps real quick:

  • Download and install Movavi video converter from the Movavi website.
  • Open the software and select “add video”, the format of your source file does not matter unless it is a completely rare file type that no one has heard of.
  • Choose the type of WMV file based on the quality you are looking for
  • You can change the destination if you wish and then convert
  • Find the file in the destination directory and you are good to go

WMV file types:

  • 720p – This will convert your WMV file to an HD 720p format
  • 1080p – This will convert to even higher definition of 1080p, watch out for the size
  • Powerpoint – this is meant for powerpoint files but can be well enough for your requirement, the output will be 640×480 px. Don’t let the label prevent you from using this format.

If you wish to edit the file and then publish it online, you always have the liberty of converting the WMV file to any other format which may be a wise thing to do as a lot of online services don’t accept WMV files because of its size constraints.

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