How To Drive Creativity In The Workplace

Posted on May 8 2017 - 4:33pm by Technorotic Team

Nowadays, not only are businesses looking for ways to improve their strategies, but to get more creative as well. After all, innovation is one of the key factors when it comes to being successful in the business world. The same old ways of reaching out to customers aren’t as effective as they used to be. It’s harder to surprise them, because many have seen it all firsthand. As an example, let’s say you’re trying to use social media to reach out to your customers. You’ll now have to come up with plenty of unique strategies in order to impress them. After all, it’s not like social networking is a new phenomenon anymore. However, with that said, what are some ways you can be creative in the business, and show your customers you truly care? Better yet, what are some ways you can foster workplace creativity? Whether it’s through social media or any other factor, here are some things to consider.

#1. Hosting Events

First of all, have you considered hosting events for your business? Not only is this a great way to personally know your customers, but it also attracts outsiders to your organization. In other words, even after the event is over and all customers have left, said customers might inform others of your business, and those people could become potential customers themselves. Not to mention that during the business event itself, your customers might invite friends and family members, getting them interested in what you have to offer. On top of that, events are great for keeping your customers update about certain events.

For example, you could add them to any email or phone number list, and then they’d get notifications whenever important business events happen. Overall, events are one of the more creative business ideas. The concept is nothing new for companies, but regardless, it’s a great chance for you to personally engage your customers. However, event planning and hosting also gives you a head start on your competitors. After all, what if they’re not even hosting events for their customers? That would be a great opportunity to get ahead of your competitors.

#2. Get Your Employees Involved in Workplace Innovation

Creativity in the workplace shouldn’t just come from your side of the business, but from your employees as well. After all, a team effort is required in order to be successful in the workplace. As a business owner, let’s say that you’ve been struggling to come up with innovative workplace ideas. What if your employees gave you some creative business ideas? Better yet, what if you already had some innovative ideas, and your employees helped you improve upon those? Getting your employees involved isn’t “creative” per se, but in the long run, it certainly leads to more creativity. Speaking of which, that brings me to my next point.

#3. Effective Teamwork

Effective teamwork leads to better workplace creativity as well. However, as a business owner, you need to manage each team, knowing their strengths and weaknesses. In other words, pair people up who you know will work well together. If the project requires a lot of math, for example, then team up those who are good at equations and problem solving. However, effective teamwork also improves workplace productivity by allowing team members to come up with creative ideas for their groups. For example, if you’re able to take away the mundane tasks of auditing and compliance with software, and free up your team to use their imagination, now they’re more likely to come up with creative and new ways to solve problems.

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