How to make the mobile phone battery last longer?

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Mobile phones today are the most important part of our life, we cannot sustain without a mobile phone for a long time. The use of mobile phones in our day to day life has increased like we use numerous applications, games, text messaging, browsing, e-mails, calls and other important features. With the addition of new features ever day the burden on the battery has increased causing you to be cautious to save battery for a longer use. Many people are looking for How to make the mobile phone battery last long? So to make your battery last longer, here are steps.


Turn the phone off:

Often we keep our phone on, even it is not in use. While we are sleeping and we are not expecting any call or any reminder but the phone is working, so in order to conserve the energy it is a lucrative method to turn off the phone when less needed.










Same is the case when we are in a no reception area like tunnels, underpasses or remote areas; our mobile phone consumes more energy in search of signals. Some users rely on the auto power saving feature but an important point to mention is that it starts working after 30 minutes of not receiving signals. Instead of using your mobile phone for applications and games, save your battery energy for later use.

Do not search for signals:

This often happens when you are in an area with less or no signals, so what your phone does is that it starts searching for a connection with better creativity and signals. This process consumes much energy of your phone and reduces the battery life, so stop your phone from automatically searching for better connections. Another way is to get a repeater that increases the signal power where detected.



Do not charge your phone full:

Another important way to save your battery is that if you have the Lithium battery then does not charge it fully because it damages the life of the battery. Another thing that damages the battery is its full drainage, when your phones turn off often due to low battery, it seriously threats the battery life. Nickel based batteries however survive.



Turn off your phone’s back light.

Backlight is often used to make the display brighter and prominent, some users cannot use dim displays, but if you can manage without using the backlight it will help you save the battery life. Another method is to set a time for the backlight, as when you use it turns on and when you do not use it, it turns off. Latest phones have the technology to sense the sunlight and act according to light, so it also helps you save the battery for later use.




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