Ipad Mini 2 rumors 2013

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Apple initially didn’t even intent to make a mini iPad but now there is a sequel to it as well.

Let us see for ourselves how many of the rumors are true, how many are slightly true and how many rumors are totally false.

1. Better Screen

The screen in dimensions is the same as that of the iPad mini released a year ago. The rumors about the retina display are however true. The 7.9 inch iPad mini2 screen does come with a retina display which elevates its resolution capability.


Due to this Retina display, the resolution of the new iPad mini 2 boosts to 2048 x 1536 full HD display. This is in fact double the resolution of its predecessor

2. Stronger Processor

Identical to iPhone 5S, the iPad mini 2 has a built in 64-bit A7 chip in it. However it does lack the Touch ID sensor hardware.

Hence the new iPad mini 2 will be 4 times faster in processing and 8 times faster in graphic processing than iPad mini.

better processor ipad mini 2

As the Retina screen will consume a relatively larger amount of processing power, the A7 chip comes handy in here too. This feature of laptop like processing power is identical to the one in iPhone 5S.

3. More Storage

We are familiar with the 16, 32 and 64 GB storage models of Apple products but with the new iPad mini 2 there comes a never before launched 128 GB version too.


4. Better Video Chat Experience

The rumors about an 8MP camera sensor is just a rumor with no truth in this new iPad mini.

Apple stuck with the same 5MP camera sensor instead of the rumored 8MP. This is the same camera used in the original iPad mini 1.


However the front camera has been tweaked to match the performance and clarity with that of iPhone 5S. Also the dual mics have been adjusted in such a way that would make the video call experience far better than ever before.

5. Far Better Connectivity

The developers of the iPad mini 2 have made the connectivity better by enhancing the 4G support capability of the gadget and also by upgrading the LTE connections. iPad mini 2 with Retina also has Mimo which allows Wi-Fi connectivity at double speed.


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