IPhone 5s Review – Making the difference

Posted on Jun 25 2013 - 10:32pm by Technorotic Team
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It has been a long while for Apple to live in pressure. The arrivals of Samsung galaxy s3, s4 and HTC One X have pushed apple towards its new sequel that is Iphone 5s. Iphone 5s is obviously an update to Iphone 5 but with its features and design it will drift away from the past ten and culture of Iphones. It has been officially claimed by Apple that Iphone 5s will have a higher resolution in antithesis to Iphone 5. The resolution is such that the individual pixels are invisible at a normal distant view. Iphone 5s will use the new IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) to make it look brighter. It’s also claimed that Iphone 5s will come in different screen sizes, well is it not eccentric? Apple will bring different sizes as per the user’s will. As inspected by Tim Cook’s words there won’t be a larger screen for Iphone 5s but Iphone 6 is believed to have an increased size of screen. So the users will have to carry on with the small sized pocket friendly Iphone 5s.

Iphone 5s design

Well the design is not something very new and unique by analyzing different stories, rumor and articles it is extracted that the new Iphone 5s will look roughly like the previously launched Iphone 5. The appearance is yet not completed, Iphone 5s will have a different color or probably a bronze color and it is something outside the bold black and white. So what about the software interface? People your thoughts are correct Iphone 5s will be launched by default with ios7 which itself is not released yet except for the beta version. Stunning isn’t it? A new phone with a new o s. And there’s much to say about ios7, it will run slightly faster on Iphone 5s in comparison to Iphone 5s.

Iphone 5s Review

Iphone 5s features

To start with it’s the camera Iphone will have a higher resolution camera. It will use a 12 megapixel sensor to capture high resolution pictures; the sensor is that there’s less light per pixel which will become an obstacle when shooting in a low light. So it is cleared that Apple has to work on its camera until it releases Iphone 6 with no camera faults. One surprising feature is that it uses 128 GB capacity which is able to process CAD file and music production. It can be concluded that 128 GB was something desperately needed. The World has already been introduced to Near Field Communications or NFC which is absent in any of the Iphones. In contrast with the android phones Iphone 5s will include the NFC a close range wireless system. But not only this, it will also have a cool feature that is the fingerprint scanner. So the finger print scanner and the NFC both will be used in NFC payments. It is a secure way of dealing with money transactions online. And only this Iphone 5s will support World Wide 4g by using the new 4g chip created by Qualcomm called the RF360 Front End Solution. Iphone 5s does not have a fixed price as it depends upon the storage capacity and the release date is quite not confirmed as well. The brand new Apple’s master piece is yet not released, so were hoping that the new model would outclass its competitors.

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