ITW GSE Military Line Powered Devices – Top Quality in the Industry

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ITW GSE Military leads the industry in innovative product design for fighter aircraft ground support equipment that includes frequency converters (400Hz and 270 VDC) and
ITW GSE Military Line Powered Products

ITW GSE Military is one the world’s leading manufacturers of military power supplies and equipment since 1972. The supplies and equipment manufactured by ITW GSE Military Division include some of the most technologically advanced fighter equipment in the world, including the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, F-16 Falcon, the F-18 Hornet, F-15 Eagle, F-22A Raptor, and the T-50; and many, many more.

ITW GSE Military is a division of Illinois Tool Works, one of the most diverse Fortune 500 companies on the stock exchange. Nearly 51,000 Americans are employed because of their detailed and unique products. Based in Glenview, Illinois, ITW GSE has operating plants or coops in at least 56 other countries.

So, what does all of that mean? It means that ITW GSE has patented exclusive designs that lead the industry in cutting-edge product design for fighter aircraft support equipment on the ground. Without the support of the crews and the men and women on the ground, fighter pilots are helpless; they may as well be flying blind. But not if they are using the products and services provided by ITW GSE. These products are durable, dependable and extremely easy to use and to maintain. When our troops are expending all of their mental and physical energy, and sometimes their lives on the battlefield, the last concern needs to be for the dependability of the equipment that they are given to use to accomplish their mission.

The engineering team with ITW GSE Military works in partnership with fighter aircraft manufacturers so that the products they design will work in perfect partnership with the aircraft. Fighter pilots who are deployed can rest assured that they are supported by the best ground support equipment available. The team at ITW GSE understand that there is no room for error.

The main focus is on making sure that when our pilots are in the air, they have complete access to their ground support. As the ITW GSE motto says, “It’s All About Connections”. Continuous professional development, checking and rechecking every piece that is on the distribution floor, more checking and rechecking of every device before it is installed in the plane and still more checking once it is installed will guarantee 99.99% reliability which will put the pilot’s mind at ease to concentrate on the more important facets of the mission. Please feel free to contact us. Click here to look at the site and then call if you have any questions or concerns. We would love to hear from you.

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