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Posted on Jul 24 2013 - 2:22pm by Technorotic Team
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maxcdn reviewBefore writing a review about MAXCDN, first of all we should know what CDN is. CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network built by servers across the world which helps in increasing the speed of your website by having a copy of your website. So, when a person on internet opens your website, CDN directs files of your website from the nearest server to them. As we know, the longer the distance exists between the user and the server the lower the internet speed gets. So MaxCDN provides an increased speed by serving your website to user from a closer location or in other words we can say that, “it supercharges your website”.

For example, if your website is hosted in just one city let’s say in Rome. Now if a person from United States try to visit your website then due to a longer distance the link between the host and receiver will get weaken and hence site will open slowly. But if your website is connected with MaxCDN then it will help in loading your website from a local server in United States and the website will open very quickly for that user.

Some of the main reasons why one should use MaxCDN are as follows;

[zilla_alert style=”yellow”]Fast and Quick Servers Providing Fastest Speed:[/zilla_alert]

If your website is powered by MaxCDN, it means it is connected to the servers whose main aim is to enhance and optimize your website’s speed as these servers are not shared with other people also some other processes are not running through them too. These servers are 100% owned by MaxCDN, which will help your website in loading with the same quick speed around the world, irrespective of any country from where it is loaded.

[zilla_alert style=”yellow”] Software used to provide increased speed:[/zilla_alert]

MaxCDN uses custom software that allows the website’s owners to get their tasks done quickly which include purging the files or adding some services and it can all be handled by the website owner easily using control panel in MaxCDN API.

So, we can say that when compared to other CDN providers who sometimes take more than 12 hours to provide these services, MaxCDN gives us a boost in performance.

[zilla_alert style=”yellow”] Faster and Smarter Network:[/zilla_alert]

MaxCDN uses SSDs and Anycast DNS technology to provide fast and quicker website speed. MaxCDN also uses premium allocated and dedicated bandwidth which is peered with end-user networks to make sure your website is working at the optimal and best possible speed. So, MaxCDN helps in speeding up the HTTPS without the requirement of any extra SSL.

Some of the benefits of using MaxCDN are:

  • Increases users happiness by providing them website at a faster speed.
  • Provides more scalability by offloading the heavier parts of your website to MaxCDN servers hence preventing it from getting slower.
  • Helps in generating more profit by increasing the page loading speed of your website.
  • Enhances SEO (Search Engine Optimization), because it totally depends on the speed of the website and MaxCDN helps in providing it.
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