Olx introduces Smart Apps for better Buy/Sell Experience

Posted on Sep 14 2013 - 12:00am by Technorotic Team

OLX is one of the free online websites where millions of people from around the country can post free ads, or view ads of the products they need. The website is very useful as one can buy and sell whatever they want at a reasonable price. OLX is used not only for marketing products but users can also market their services, thus tutors, writers, paralegals, SEO developers etc can all be found easily using OLX.


As there are over fifty five million iPads being used globally and the continuously growing Apple products demand OLX decided to launch its application that can easily be used on these products.  This OLX application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPads was essential and much awaited for. These applications are specifically and particularly designed to be runner on Apple products such as iPhones, iPod touch and iPads. These OLX apps are extremely useful as they allow the users to search and explore millions of ads, post their ads and respond to listing very easily and quickly. All these things are just a few taps away since the introduction of OLX applications By using Mobile Apps person can very easily and quickly post their ad along with pictures, videos, and description from their iPads, iPhone or iPod touch. In India have developed into great commercial hubs which are visited by thousands of viewers each day and thousands of transactions takes place on these platforms. The top ten free India classifieds include Locanto, OLX, SellDude, AdsDistrict.in, ClickIndia.com, Justdoondo.com, Qiuckr.com, Click.im, Vivastreet.co.in, SSK classified OLX actually originated in Argentina in 2006. It was introduced online in India in 2007 and is now one of the most popular free classifieds. The website however faces tough competition from other free classifieds. OLX has however undertaken many strategic marketing measures to keep its market share and attract more users. Many advertisements of OLX are aired on television many of which are funded and sponsored by Nasper, South Africa which is an investor as well as a majority stake holder in OLX India. With the introduction of OLX app in iPhones, iPads and iPod touch the trafficking on the site has shown a sharp raise. CEO Bantra has said that OLX India might broaden its scope by introducing e-payments but any such facility would only be made available to the extent that it is beneficial for the users of OLX India and improve their experience and exploring on the site. Presently about ninety percent of the people selling products or services on OLX India are individuals rather than firms or organizations. However the website has also created many job opportunities for those working for OLX India and those who are looking for jobs can search OLX India to find feasible and suitable jobs for themselves. These classifieds have a number of advantages for example employers can examine many different people from all over India and choose the best possible candidate for the post that they are offering. You post any ad for a job or product without having your own website. Also it is an easy and free way to promote your business online. Old and used stuff which is just lying around your house occupying space can also be sold at a reasonable price. Moreover free India classifieds gives an opportunity to housewives to make good money by working as a freelancer ad poster. These websites should thus be promoted and encouraged.

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