Oppo Announces Four Smartphones In Pakistan

Posted on Jul 16 2014 - 5:26pm by hira

There is good news for all the fans of Smartphone that Oppo announces four smartphones in Pakistan? For the readers it is to be informed that Oppo is known as being one of the biggest and well known reputable Chinese multinational companies. It is the newest entrance in Pakistan’s smartphone market. Some of the people would surely not be well aware from this name as they have just recently put their very first step in the market. This company is all accountable for offering the customers with the cheap portable Mp3 players, DVD players in addition to LCD-TVs. If we talk about their international market position then they have made best place all the way through the coverage of their smartphones. In their very first smartphone advertisement they featured famous Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio in the TV ads. Afterwards they appeared with their yet another 5 more advertisements that made them one of the wanted and demanding companies across the globe.

Oppo Announces Four Smartphones In Pakistan


It has been just newly reported that Oppo has all announced with the arrival of their top class two new smartphones in the company of quite unique features named as N1 and Find 7. Talking about N1 then it is all installed by means of swivel camera design plus unique notifications light. Last year they announced that very soon they will going to enter in the market with the exceptional design smartphones and each single person was waiting around for its launch. But now the hours of wait have all ended up!  Oppo has already launched its devices in India and Bangladesh. Now its the turn of Pakistan! In the very first round Oppo will going to launch out the 2 low-end and 2 mid-range devices. Its prices have not yet unveiled out. Phones will going to be divided into the categories of three stages namely R1001, R2001, R831 and Find7a.

Well each single person has been coming ahead with their predictions that Oppo will going to be much competitive in the market because their smartphones are so unique and extraordinary. You can get them at such affordable price rates even in the beginning stages.

So this was all about Oppo! Now we are sure that even though you have never used Oppo smartphones but after reading this article you will surely going to try their smartphones!

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