Price And Specifications Of iPhone 5S

Posted on Sep 13 2013 - 10:54am by Technorotic Team

Yes, from the sources, we came to know that this latest model that will be launched and showcased by Apple will be arriving and coming in the market and this smart phone is known by the name of iPhone 5S. right on 20th September 2013, its sales will be started and if you are having dollars in your hands then you can be the very first one to get this smart phone in your hands. It is an obvious and evident fact that Apple has always created history and this is not the very first time that they have created such appealing and dazzling gadget. Here, in this post, we will be throwing and highlighting the price and specification details of iPhone 5S, have a look at them and make a rating and ranking of this smart phone.

Price And Specifications Of iPhone 5S

Price And Specifications Of iPhone 5S

Releasing date of iPhone 5S:

It will coming in the market on 20th September 2013.

Internal memory of iPhone 5S:

It has up to 64 GB of internal memory and an expandable storage of 128 GB.

Presence of Dual-LED Flash Camera with Larger Aperture in iPhone 5S:

It has f2.0 aperture for camera and it is upgraded to Dual-LED flash in order to get better results.

Fingerprint Reader in iPhone 5S:

For the purposes of security measures, this mart phone has now been installed and embossed with finger print reader applications and features

Price of iPhone 5S in USD:

It has a price range of $199 to $399 in the international market.

Color of iPhone 5S:

Some of them have predicted that the body color of iPhone 5S will be black or white. On the other hand, others are of this notion that this smart phone will be coming in the market having a color range of gold or champagne color, a graphite or slate gray shade.

A7 Processor in iPhone 5S:

It has installed an advanced version of dual-core processor and for the information of the readers, this processor will improve the overall processing speed of the iPhone 5S.

On the whole, iPhone 5S may come out as a giant! Only few days are left now, then we will be in a position to make a decision that whether this iPhone 5S is meeting up on our expectations or not. Let us all cross our fingers and wait for this massive product launching. We are user that iPhone 5S will sizzle in the market and right after its launching date, you will be seeing this smart phone in each and every hand.

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