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Posted on Jan 1 2014 - 5:18pm by Technorotic Team

The roads that connect towns and cities all across the United States are more important in this country than in many others. The US is a sprawling country where things are often far apart and it is all but impossible to get from one place to the next with anything other than a road. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods are shipped around the country every single day. Other countries are not so dependent on roads because they were built up before the rise of the automobile, but the United States arrived very late on the world scene, and so cars have been a huge part of its development.

What this means is that building new roads is important, as is building roads that can stand up to a lot of use and abuse. Before construction can begin, the crews have to survey the land to make sure that the road they want to make is feasible. This could mean just making sure that the land is clear from homes or plots of land that people own; the government has to buy up all of this land before they can begin laying down the roadway, ensuring that they can really complete the project.

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Another part of the process includes surveying the soil below the road. If you are part of a crew that is going to be doing this, you may want to shop now for devices that can be used to take electronic readings of the soil. These charts can show you if the road is going to be built on top of soil, stone or an underground waterway. Remember that the land under the road has to be strong enough to hold its weight and the weight of all of the cars that are going over it each day. It is important to build on natural materials that are up to this task or the concrete could settle or even collapse.

The final stage in the surveying process entails figuring out what is going to have to be moved so that the road can be built. In some cases, a forest will have to be cleared out of the way. In others, an entire mountain or hillside may have to be blasted so that the road does not have to go over it. This survey will help to show how much work is going to be required.

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