Top 6 Benefits of Blogging for Your SaaS Brand in 2017

Posted on Mar 28 2017 - 7:53pm by Technorotic Team

Did you know that brands who’ve published more than 16 blog posts a month (that’s 4-5 weekly) received almost 3.5 times more traffic than companies who only published 0-4 per month (Source: Hubspot)?

Several studies prove the amazing impact blogging has on lead generation, sales conversion, brand awareness, and overall credibility. In 2017 where consumers seek information and answers before making a purchasing decision, it’s imperative to have a strong platform where you’re consistently sharing value about your product and the solutions you give so you can show up when your market is looking for you.

Blogging is the answer. As an SaaS brand, you can catapult your presence online and be viewed in a positive light by your audience simply through blog marketing. In fact, here are 6 advantages to blogging for your SaaS brand and why you should begin your strategy promptly.


#1 Showcase Expertise and Thought-Leadership

Blogs have shown to be the 5th most trusted source online. Your articles give you an opportunity to establish authority in your industry, bolstering thought-leadership and positioning you as an expert. The more blogs you publish that showcases niche-related topics, the more you foster the know, like and trust factor with your audience. This is huge to converting website visitors into those who become interested in your brand and what you have to offer.


#2 Get in Front of Your Market in Search

Companies who blog regularly have a whopping 434% more indexed pages than companies who do not. With every single blog post, you create another piece of online real estate that sends visitors your way. By optimizing your blog for SEO, you significantly increase your chances of being found by your target audience on Google. Search is one of the top channels consumers use to find solutions. Capitalize on this major traffic source by blogging.


#3 Delve Deeper into Different Features and Benefits

You can agree that your SaaS product offers many benefits and features to satisfy your customer’s needs. Each of these points are perfect blog post ideas to illustrate how your product solves their problems. You can highlight the various features over multiple articles to share deeper insight and answer related, common questions. Through your customer and social listening tools like NUVI, you’ll discover what topics and areas are most important to your audience and use them to blog about.

These are great content pieces for your social media marketing (more on this later)!


#4 Share Content with Your Subscribers

Nurturing your email list is critical to moving your subscribers from to customers. One solid way to keeping them engaged with and loving your brand is by sharing valuable content…that is, your blog posts. You see, they will keep coming back to you for more because you’ve given information they can use or learn from. It’s an added way to solidify your credibility in your space.

This is also sends repeat visitors back to your website, in turn, improving your SEO ranking.


#5 Publish Rich Content on Social Media

Sharing quality content on social media is one of the top reasons users follow brands on these networks. Compel people to engage on your pages by publishing your rich content on social. You will increase your shares, engagement, brand exposure and followership simply by sharing your blogs.

Use your social media management tool, like Hootsuite, to regularly schedule blog posts on your page to increase engagement and exposure.


#6 Boosts Lead and Sales Conversions

Blogs that post daily generate 4 times more leads than those that posts weekly or less. Another source revealed that small businesses who blog receive 126% more lead growth that those that don’t. Since growing your list is the lifeline to your business, you want to have as many tools working in your favor to boost lead generation. Your blog is your biggest asset to getting this done!

Blogging has also been known to improve sales conversions. Seventy percent of customers say blogs influence what they buy (Source: Business2Community). These numbers continue to prove the importance of having a regular blogging cadence to your marketing strategy.



Blogging is at the heart of any inbound marketing. It is the hub of everything you do online, highlighting your brand personality, products, expertise, and passion for your industry. It is by far the best tool to generating traffic to your content, capturing leads, boosting engagement, improving revenue and establishing your authority.

Commit to bolstering your blogging strategy to experience these amazing benefits in your business. If you’re pressed for time or not sure how you can fit blogging into your business schedule, leverage professionals at WorkMarket to get it done for 2017!

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