Upgrading Your Dental Software

Posted on Jul 31 2017 - 3:05pm by Technorotic Team

One of the best business models for a software developer is to make sure every customer has the opportunity to upgrade the software. When software can be upgraded, it will work for the software developer and the customers. However, many dentists, doctors, or other medical providers are not too thrilled about upgrading their client-server software. There is always a level of concern that upgrading the software will cause major problems within the system.

There is always a level of concern that upgrading the software will cause major problems within the system. Sometimes an upgrade can take several hours, even if there are no problems during the upgrade. There is no surprise that many workplaces and offices hesitate to upgrade their software.

Time For The Upgrade

When you are notified of an upgrade, you probably immediately think that it is going to be a long night at the office. You may make place to upgrade the software over the weekend, and you will think that your productivity levels will take a dive. You will probably consider yourself lucky if you can upgrade your software and make it home in time to eat dinner with your family. Generally, a dentist can upgrade the software and spend the next week or the next few weeks trying to makes as many adjustments as you can take make your software perform the same way it did before you needed to upgrade it.

Letting The Professionals Handle It

Many healthcare professionals like dentists have made the decision to let another professional handle the upgrade process. An upgrade can typically take up at least two or three hours of a dental integrator’s time. Sometimes an upgrade will cause a significant amount of problems, but usually, it is smooth sailing.

Opinions On Upgrades

Many dentists do not trust upgrades because of the many myths and misconceptions that have been floating around. Other dentists do not trust upgrades because they have had bad experiences with upgrades in the past. Many dentists would prefer to wait until the software company releases patches before they make the decision to upgrade the software.

The Cloud

Fortunately, we have the cloud on our side that will allow us to do many things. When your dentist office’s software is stored in the cloud, you will never have to install a single upgrade. You will not have to spend all night in the office installing software on all the computers in the office. You will not have to call the professional when you need assistance during the upgrade process. You will also be able to avoid worrying about disaster recovery and data backup.

When you use cloud software, you will not have to worry about glitchy upgrades. We would all enjoy an upgrade process that is glitch-free, right? Another great thing about using cloud software is that the software will be upgraded on a frequent basis. When a new feature is introduced, it can be released at any given moment. For example, Curve Dental releases an upgrade on a consistent basis. Many dentists have been using the same software for years, and they will only see one or two upgrades for an entire year. Curve Dental allows you to see multiple improvements throughout an entire year, without the need to install software.

Are you tired of the glitchy upgrades, no upgrades, and the overall poor experience? You no longer have to settle for what you have been getting from your current software. Are you interested in learning more about Curve Dental and how you can finally have the convenience and flexibility you need as a dentist? Contact us today for more information.

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