What Kind of Digital Technologies Can You Use to Help Guide Customers?

Posted on Nov 8 2017 - 8:26pm by Technorotic Team

While digital technology continues being used in companies worldwide to help them bring in more revenue and increase productivity, how is it directly helping customers? One important thing to think about when bringing digital tools into your workplace is how it’s going to make customers happier rather than helping yourself.

Keeping this in mind, the opportunities are greater than ever to use various online tools guiding customers to a sale or other discovery. Everything from customer apps, digital signage, to customer experience management are going to help you better engage with customers and keep them loyal.

First, you need to see how they fit in to your business, and how they’ll blend in with your brand.

Here’s more on digital technology you can use to guide customers through their journey.

Why it’s Important to Create a Customer Marketing Experience

Forbes noted already a couple of years ago about how customer experiences are the true future of marketing. The reason is, differentiation is so important in such a crowded marketplace. Someone else likely has a business similar to yours, so standing out from the herd is essential for survival.

Also, customers want a sense of discovery in the products they need. Rather than be prodded with pushy sales tactics, you need to give them a roadmap to find what they want.

Much of this hinges on pain points and how to take the customer on an enjoyable path toward realizing your products are the answer.

Thanks to online and offline tools available, you’ll create unique experiences to guide the customer toward trusting your brand.

Customer Experience Management to Give What Customers Want

One of the first steps toward using digital technologies for customers is helping yourself with reliable customer management platforms. You need good metrics to find out what your audience thinks of the marketing content you put out there.

You can’t just skim the surface either. Through services like IntouchInsight, you have a CEM program that combines operational data and customer feedback. When you have these integrated, you get more clarity on what the truth is and what customers expect of you.

Once you have this set up, you can move on to specific technologies that inform and entertain your customers during various situations.

Digital Signage as a Customer Guide

You’re seeing a lot more digital signage being used in businesses today to help customers find their way around a business. Companies like Aurora Digital Signage offer some of the best technologies available to make this happen in a brick-and-mortar store.

What makes digital signage so useful is it’s easy to update signage messages through cloud-based software. Not only can you help customers find their way around your building, you can alert them to unexpected special events.

At the same, you can educate them about your brand to save time having hired help explain what you do.

Using Customer Apps

In the online world, a customer app connecting to your brand is one of the best ways to guide buyers to their favorite items. Even so, you need a good user experience on the app you provide. So take the time to get your website redesigned by a professional group that knows what they’re doing. Ensure that you have seen their work and get a professional looking proposal from them.

Again, think from the customer’s perspective and how they’ll react when using your app to find products or solve problems.

Alerting Customers to Security Issues

Perhaps you offer an online service and need better ways to guide customers to security alerts when they occur. Services like OutlierSecurity use advanced security analytics so you can always keep customers in the loop about what’s happening.

They may have complete confusion about a security issue, and you’ll be able to give them accurate data in real-time. There isn’t any better business guidance than this in a time when the online world is so volatile.

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